Sleep Coach Ashley Jorgensen
Sleep Coach Ashley Jorgensen
Specializing in infant, toddler and young child sleep training.

                                   Ashley Jorgensen
                              Certified Sleep Coach




 Sleep training does not mean I am going to recommend that you leave your baby to cry for hours until they fall asleep or not feed them in the night, but instead gently teach them how to sleep independently and how to eliminate unnecessary night wakings.

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I am a formerly exhausted mama to two wonderful little boys, a proud farmer's wife, a sleep coach and a Registered Nurse. I spend most of my time at home with my littles and helping families get those much needed zzz's, but I also work a few days a month at my local clinic as a nurse. I became interested in sleep when my second started having the same sleep issues that we had struggled with day and night for way too long with my first son. I actually hired a sleep coach myself, and my husband and I both will tell you it was the best parenting decision/purchase we have made to date! You can’t put a price on the importance of sleep! While I was working with the sleep coach, I became passionate about sleep and wanted to learn everything I could. I found myself wanting to help others who were struggling like I once was.

I enrolled in Sleep, Baby, Sleep and got my certification in newborn sleep as well as infant to toddler sleep, and began working as a sleep coach in 2017. Not only am I giving parents their desired alone time after their kids go to bed, but more importantly, I am helping babies and toddlers get the rest they need to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. While being a sleep coach can be challenging at times, it is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. .